Pan Fried Chicken

pan fried chicken

Make pan fried chicken with delicious potatoes using a waterless skillet. This chicken can be fried without using oil by cooking it with the waterless cooking method. Watch the waterless cooking video for pan fried chicken below.

First, place the seasoned chicken pieces across the bottom of your hot skillet and sear both sides for about 5 minutes. You don’t need oil or grease because the waterless cookware skillet has an extra heavy multi-ply plate across the bottom for that spreads the heat rapidly and evenly.

pan fried chicken with vegetables
Pan Fried Chicken

Now you can add vegetables like potatoes and broccoli. Just pour them in with the chicken. Now cover the with lid and close the steam control valve. Turn the heat down to low and let the chicken finish cooking.

Don’t open lid for about 20 minutes.  The special vapor seal in the lid will hold in the steam that cooks the chicken. The vegetables are infused with the chicken flavors. Delicious. See Waterless Cookware here…