Maxam KT17 Waterless Cookware Review

Maxam KT17 Waterless Cookware

The Maxam KT17 Waterless Cookware Review comes from previous experience cooking with this wonderful set.  I have been using this 9-Element Stainless Steel Waterless Cookware Set for  a long time now. The four saucepans, roaster and skillet have lasted throughout the years. Very durable stainless steel that can take a beating. I use this cookware all the time.

My favorite part is the egg poacher rack with the egg cups. The poached eggs will come out perfect in five minutes. The egg poacher sits nicely inside the main skillet. I put water at the bottom of the skillet and turn on to medium heat. Cover with the skillet lid and steam for 5 minutes.

I also like the roaster because I can slow cook meats on the stovetop burner, instead of using a hot oven. I do not heat up my kitchen, which is great. Slow cooked roast beef comes out very tender and juicy.  The saucepans are top notch which steam cook veggies such as yellow squash and zucchini. The whistle sounds when its ready to turn off the heat. Just close the valve on the top lid to silence the whistle.

Easy clean up, too. Dishwasher safe.

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